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I am interested in interposing into the world through my personal sensibilities.  


Many of the images that I use are the archival photographs (plates) of craftwork and artifacts printed on museum exhibition catalogues.

 One of the aesthetics I like about archival photographs is how the objects “simply appear as is.”  

But many of the archival photographs are often difficult to understand. 

The attempt to show these artifact  “as is,” make them appear in a somewhat unnatural situation with their white, black, or gray, simple dry backgrounds. 

They seem as though they are detached from their historical, cultural backgrounds, and float in the plain area of vacuumed meanings. 

This is why I re-comprehend archival photographs as “a motif that allows a variety of comprehension.


In my work I seek to witness the things that would reappear in front of us when various motifs escape their existing meanings and contexts and encountering with each other again. 


2019. 嶋 春香

2019. Haruka Shima

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